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Fruit galette and an adventure into the historical realms of what everyone's already written about - or made movies, or tv shows of

So, looks like I'm in full swing with my new novel. I've already stepped into that state of mind where I think of nothing but. I was having a bit of difficulty with my male protagonist, I couldn't quite seem to read him, understand what he was all about, and then suddenly, major breakthrough, and there it was, he was as real as I am. Well, not really, but you get my meaning. I couldn't even envision him, until fairly recently, although I had his name before I began thinking about this novel and building up the story for it. A name that came to me while I was falling asleep, and that I realised I wanted to tell the story of. But I couldn't picture him, I must have deleted and rewritten his physical description about a dozen times, not being able to settle. I wanted to steer clear of my former male characters, in the physical sense, but the first rendering of this new bloke had him black haired and blue eyed. No can do, I said, I already had two major characters in …

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