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Stepping out of comfort zones - the struggles no one ever sees and a quiche that is all comfort in its essence

I have one of those brains that are constantly working, constantly thinking, analising, creating. I tend to overthink too much, and my thought processes are usually messy business and very convoluted, being hard to follow the line of thought even for me. I may start by thinking up plot and scenes for a current WIP, and from there move on to sketching in my mind the gist of a chapter, and all of a sudden I find myself thinking of a comment I read on Instagram, or something someone said a week ago and that I hadn't yet found it in me to really think about it. In the end, when I look back on the process, I hardly ever understand how my mind got to that, and sad to say, this is how great ideas get lost. But this is also how I push myself forth, how I make myself grow, how I take myself out of my comfort zone. By constantly thinking about life in general, constantly analysing my own opinions and the opinions of others, studying them up and tearing them apart so I can educate myself an…

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