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The uninspired author - how a batch of cocoa cookies saved the day, or the week, I might say

November is speeding by like an out of control car, have you noticed? Or is this just me? I woke up this morning thinking how cold it be Friday already, when only yesterday it was Monday and I was finishing my last re-read and the last revision of "Commoner", the final novel on The Preternaturals Series (You can find all others here), and feeling sad that it had all come to an end. I was actually in a bit of a mood all week long, feelind deflated, depressed, unhappy that I was finally going to have to let them go, those characters that I came to enjoy so much. I was deep in a funk and even though I sat down to work all week - and did manage to get some work done! - I kept feeling like I wasn't accomplishing much of anything.

This was mostly because I just couldn't write. I have another series in the making, of which one novel's first draft is now complete, and the second novel is well on its way. Or it was, until the blues of letting go of The Preternaturals hit…

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