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Adapting to new routines when you had the old ones serve you so well - a Man Tou recipe that will help in times of stress

First week back to school, and it feels absolutely chaotic. It's always like this, this is the country where nothing is ever ready to really begin at the appointed date, so it's no wonder schools aren't ready to start when they're supposed to. My son's school, though he loves the place, seems to be particularly adept at this: there's always a hitch or a delay that prevents the place of working at full speed and under normal conditions at the start of the term. It's not as if the dates weren't made public before the end of last school year, they've had sufficient time to get things ready, so I don't understand these delays. First day of school and there were no classes, I had to bring kid home with me after the parents/teacher meeting. The second and third day I had to pick him up at half past three instead of five because there was a shortage of teachers and personel. I fear for the second week, really. And then there's the change in the sch…

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