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The strange world of good manners in blogging and a batch of savoury scones

Just recently I complained to another blogger about the lack of comments on my own blog, and she told me that the number of these tends to increase the more you yourself leave comments on other blogs. I found that really surprising, because I tend to leave a rather hefty amount of comments on plenty of other blogs, but if you check mine out, there's very little feedback that I get. I stated that to her, and she was the one being surprised by my experience, because, and as she pointed out, it's a question of politeness, isn't it? Going back to that blogger's own blog and leaving a comment there, it's only good manners. So I thought, as well. It's what I do, even if the blog in question is not the kind of blog I usually read or comment on. If the blogger stopped by on my blog and left a comment, even when it is so noticeable that the person in question didn't even read a word and is only fishing for visits and statistics, I do reciprocate and leave a comment…

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