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The stories I want to write, the characters that fascinate me and a lemon ginger chicken for Marta

Just recently, I found myself thinking about all the stories I wanted to write. I mean, I have tons of ideas in my head, I have three whole stories featuring Camila Roeberg from my first published novel already stewing in my mind, I have an idea for a story set in The Preternaturals Series universe but featuring none of its current characters, I have a story about dragons and warriors and sorceresses already two thirds written... I have a lot of stories, do I have enough time to pen them down? I wonder. Still, I'll go for them, I'll work on them, and the future will say what the future will say, right?

But if I am to be really, really honest, there's two stories I have wanted to write for a long, long time. Two stories I know for sure I will never pen down and yet will dream about them all the time. Two stories that have populated my imagination for far too long, now, they're part of who I am, really. But there are already far too many versions of them out there - wel…

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